Sle Is A Multi System Autoimmune Disorder With Ocular Complications In The Anterior And Posterior Segments, Including Keratitis Sicca, Episcleritis, Corneal Ulceration, Uveitis, And Retinal Vasculitis.

SLE is a multi system autoimmune disorder with ocular complications in the anterior and posterior segments, including keratitis sicca, episcleritis, corneal ulceration, uveitis, and retinal vasculitis. He will test the sample to find out if it contains bacteria, fungi, or a virus. A corneal ulcer normally develops when the corneal surface is compromised or damaged in some way. The outer layer is the epithelium, which is 25 to 40 micrometers and five to seven cell layers thick. 1 The epithelium holds the tear film in place and also prevents water from invading the cornea and disrupting the c

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